Antarctica - Penguin Wine from the Crate

Landau 30th June 2020.

Neumayer Wein

In August of last year, the "Penguin Wine" went on a journey to Antarctica, together with other wines from Rhein-Hessen and the Palatinate.   In January, after 14,000 kilometers and five long months, the Pinot Blanc from the Ramsel Winery in Kirrweiler reached the Neumayer Research Station. Then it was time to wait again, because traditionally, the team at the station opens the crate of fine wines only for the Midwinter Fest in June. With temperatures of minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit and during the time of the long darkness, the first wines were tried. Whether the "penguin wine" was already enjoyed in style, within view of the penguins who always come to the station confidently and curiously, and how the Pinot Blanc tasted, we unfortunately do not know (so far).

Since its "premiere" on May 1, 2019, the "Penguin Wine" has been to many places, become prominent and is continuously helping to finance species conservation projects of SPHENISCO (one euro per bottle sold is donated to the organization). Penguin friends and those who want to become one do not have to wait months for the wine from Kirrweiler, thank God. Andrea and Karl Ramsel are faster and currently cover as much as 50% of the shipping costs. Let yourself enjoy tasting this fine wine, and at the same time support the protection of the Humboldt Penguins (


translated by Erich Greiner

P.S. - here, the winery’s contact information:

Weingut Ramsel, Am Neugarten 13, 67489 Kirrweiler, Germany  +++ Tel: +49(0) 6321-95010 +++ E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  +++ Website: +++


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