Sphenisco Flyer now in French

Landau 6. January 2019.

As of the end of last year, Sphenisco’s flyer „Humboldt Penguins Need International Help“, is also available in French: „Les manchots de Humboldt ont besoin de votre aide“. It sounds dramatic, but it truly is a work of international efforts. The flyer was translated into French by Felicitas Le Saint (France), it was proofread by Nathalie Mersch (Luxembourg), the layout done by Karliese Greiner-Laurie (New York City, USA), it was printed in Germany and delivered in December to the Parc Merveilleux, in Luxembourg. The fairy tale and amusement park in Bettembourg is the only one in the entire grand duchy of Luxembourg and is visited by approximately 260,000 people each year..


Translated by Erich Greiner