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A Greeting from Elke Heidenreich

Dear Penguin Pair Alex and Alexa,

There you are, traveling through the region, which is very laudable, because you’re alerting others to the severity which your habitat is threatened. Alas, I can tell you, we all suffer under the stupidity and monetary greed of humans, who are destroying the world for ever more and more profit…

But you shouldn’t stay away too long, because the Opera Ship will be coming soon from Vienna to the south pole, and on it “Lohengrin” will be presented. You would like it. There’s a swan in it, which is kind of like a penguin, but with a much longer neck but no tailcoat.
You already have your tailcoat on, so please come to the opera; it’s just as threatened as you are.

Wir halten treu und fest zusammen
In dieser Welt, aus der wir stammen!

we remain true and firmly together
In this world, from which we come!

I think you say this saying, “Honk Honk”, the old penguin greeting.


Elke Heidenreich, author of “Am Suedpol denkt man es ist heiss” (At the South Pole One Thinks it is Hot). Ms. Heidenreich is an internationally acclaimed author, journalist, librettist, and actress.

no English translation available