Project Alex and Alexa

Alex und Alexa2009 represented the 150th anniversary of the death of Alexander von Humboldt. This was a good reason for Sphenisco to start our project "Alex and Alexa Go Traveling".

Alex and Alexa are two stuffed penguins who, working as diplomatic representatives of their endangered species visit schools in and outside of Germany, bringing attention to the threat of extinction to the Humboldt Penguin. Accompany Alex and Alexa through this website on their travels through Europe and South America.

A detailed description of the concept behind the project "Alex and Alexa", as well as the possiblity of taking part, and contact information, can be foundĀ  under the rubrik "For Interested Schools".


Alex and Alexa have a guestbook! Here you can leave your greetings, wishes, and questions. Have fun! Simply click here: Alex and Alexa Guestbook