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Opening of the new “Penguin Pool” in the Krefeld Zoo

Landau 25. April 2014.


On April 17, the new 800 square-meter enclosure for the Humboldt Penguin was opened at the Krefeld Zoo. The design of the enclosure followed the desert-like natural environment the animals have in Chile and Peru. Visitors have the opportunity to observe the penguins through large glass panes and see them “fly through the water”; it is also possible to cross through the enclosure on a path and watch the penguins directly in their habitat. Additionally, there is a huge net spanned over the entire compound that allows room for the nimbly-flying and also threatened Inca Tern.

In a message of greeting, Dr. Christina Schubert, Vice Chairwoman of Sphenisco, Krefeldconveyed the best wishes for the new enclosure and had the chance to present Sphenisco’s protection efforts to over 90 invited guests and employees of the zoo. The Krefeld Zoo has been an organizational member of Sphenisco since 2012, and presents species protection work that occurs both on this side and the other side of the Atlantic to zoo visitors via a very appealing informational sign located inside the enclosure. Zoo Director Dr. Wolfgang Dreßen (see photo to the right) and Mr. Friedrich R. Berlemann, Chairman of the “Zoofreunde Krefeld” (see photo to the left), in celebration of the opening of the enclosure, presented Frau Schubert a check for 5,000 Euro, to support Sphenisco’s current projects: a heartfelt “Thank You” for the generous donation!

Dr. Christina Schubert

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Placard with All Penguin Species Published

Landau, 30 March 2014.

Schüling Publishing Company (Schüling Verlag) presents a placard with all 18 species of penguins, all sized to scale. The illustrations were created by Frithjof Spangenberg, a free-lance illustrator living in Koblenz. The placard comes in DIN standard “A2” format (59.4 cm x 42 cm), is laminated, and thus can be hung in a feed kitchen. It costs 9.80 Euro, plus 5.00 Euro shipping costs.

For each placard sold, Schüling Publishing Company will send one Euro to Sphenisco. We thank them very much for their support and therewith associated recognition of our work.

Werner Knauf

Humboldt Penguins and other Marine Mammals as Trash

- Chilean Researchers Break Taboo and Gather Data for the First Time -

Algarrobo 13. February 2014.

Dr. Alejandro Simeone, Professor at the University Andres Bello in Santiago, had taken the initiative in 2012, with support from Sphenisco, and collected data for the first time on the by-catch and discarding of Humboldt Penguins in fisher nets. The discarding of the protected Humboldt Penguin as well as other marine mammals is a taboo and is a controversial issue in Chile (also see the report “Over 1,000 Dead Penguins – Just Collateral Damage?”, from 02.April 2009, on this website).


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